Irvington CSA
Fresh. Local. Natural. Sustainable.

   Community Supported Agriculture
   making farm-fresh produce
   available to the
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Welcome - Get In on the Local Dirt!

The Irvington Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group provides members with fresh produce - grown by an Amish farmer, Levi FIsher and family,  just 75 miles west of Irvington in Montezuma, Indiana.  Good land stewardship, sustainable farming methods. and respect for biodiversity is practiced.  No synthetic chemicals are used on soil or plants. 

Members pay a set fee in May of each year to receive a season's worth of vegetables throughout the growing season.  A discount is given if paid before April. The season is 25 weeks long.   An additional fee for transportation will be set when actual membership is established.

Once a week, members pick up their orders at another member's home. The contents of weekly baskets vary, depending on what vegetables are ready for harvest at the time.  Click on the Weekly Basket link to see examples of what is being delivered each week.  Information regarding weekly baskets and other CSA information are distributed through email.

There are also Special Orders available weekly.  - Special orders included vegetables and fruits in season, and honey, eggs, molasses, butter, and sometimes meet.

Whatever their weekly baskets contain, Irvington CSA members always enjoy the very best fresh, natural produce - straight from the farm.


So why join a CSA? 


1. Know where your food comes from.  Your produce comes directly from the farmer and is grown locally using sustainable non-chemical farming methods. 


2.  Support small local farming.  Gives local economy a boost and supports the farming families. 


3.  More bang for your buck.  You are not paying any middle man, just the farmer. 


4.  Fresh and seasonal selection.   The produce is picked the day of delivery.  No long tiring rides across country or continents.   And taste is much better when delivered fresh. 

5.  Opportunity to expand eating horizons.  Learn to eat new foods or old foods new ways.  Give your taste buds a thrill.


6.  Enjoy family time around the table eating nutritious local food.  Encourage your family to try new produce and help in planning meals. 


7.  Eat healthier.  The CSA is predominantly vegetables and some fruits.  It is easy to follow the my plate eating plan when you join a CSA.  Some people say the CSA is a good way to lose weight.  Eat good nutritious vegetables thus reducing your calories. 


8.  CSAs are healthy for the local economy, the land, the community, and you. So:



Join today.  CSA starts May 15th.  Members are welcome through the middle of July.  Fees will be prorated.


Please browse our site to learn more, or contact us at:

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